Coaching Package


Coaching package of 4 sessions helping you unlock your hidden potential through self awareness. This is the first steps towards your hero’s journey success.


This coaching program is designed around the core concept of self-awareness as a catalyst for personal transformation the Hero’s Journey.

This coaching package is made up of 4 coaching sessions, to help you unlock your hidden potential through self-awareness.

This is how the 4 sessions are broken down:

  1. Knowing Me, Knowing You: In this session, participants will engage in an interactive coaching exercise that delves deep into their reflections, helping them discover their true selves and uncover the path to self-improvement.
  2. Trevor Troll Travels: An engaging tool for self-discovery, this session invites participants to follow Trevor Troll’s travels, gaining insights into their personal journey, challenges, and the potential for self-improvement.
  3. Drawing Your Gremlin: This session provides a powerful tool for self-discovery. Participants will visualize and draw their “gremlin,” shedding light on self-sabotaging thoughts, fears, and insecurities.
  4. Your Life Map: The final session, “Your Life Map,” serves as a practical guide for individuals to turn their insights and self-awareness into actionable plans for a brighter future.