Coaching with Heart


To find out what was holding Fiona back in her life and business. To improve Fiona’s focus on herself, more and better proccesses  in place, how to relax, and how to take things one day at a time. 


To open the various boxes that have been closed for a long time (self awareness and journey). To equip her with tools to have a better understanding of things. To improve the communication with the people in her life. To enable her to make the changes she wants to. 



Fiona is now a far more successful business woman and entrepreneur  


A significant improvement in communication. 


A greater self-awareness. A deeper understanding of herself and what she does.  Enabling her to make the changes she wanted to in her life. 


Fiona has learnt that this is a necessary journey that steers you in the right direction.



  • Focus 
  • Understanding of personal thought processes
  • Acceptance 
  • Why Fiona reacts in a certain way 


  • Improved communication 
  • Enabled to make the changes she needed
  • Healthier happier lifestyle 

“Rita’s coaching is not your run of the mill coaching. She has a brilliant understanding of the human mind and knows where the minefields are. She is empathetic but does not baby you, or say everything will be ok. She helps you work towards what you want to achieve, with no excuses. I found it very daunting at first but looked forward to our sessions. My whole family could see the change. I would highly recommend Coaching with Heart as that is exactly what it is” – Fiona Pullen