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Every day you create your reality through your thoughts with up to 95% of your behavior being influenced by your unconscious.

My Own Journey Of Empowerment

Have you ever had that feeling of making the same mistake over and over and over?

A people pleaser, until the day that I realized that I was busy selling my Soul for a bowl of lentil soup.

Until I understood that my emotions are the driver of my thoughts and behavior, only then I was able to let go of old non-serving beliefs that did not contribute to the empowerment that I was seeking. I had to unlearn and re-learn the art of being.

My life is by no means perfect it is perfect for me right now in the present moment. Life is an experience, this choice is mine, and the only thing that I can control is how I react or respond to life.

I have learned a whole new way of “living” and you too can learn that and experience a fulfilled and purposeful life of  I AM…

At the age of 53, my empire was crumbling, from hero to zero in sixty seconds.

You ever had that feeling of making the same mistake over and over and over?

Seeking the help of a life coach, I was introduced to meditation. 21 days after I started with meditation I had a dream “The long road to freedom” This created so much hope within. Today when I look back at this phenomenon it still has me in awe.

I realized how inward disconnection was a trend in modern-day society preventing me from being connected to myself and to others. As a result, I learned to stop turning outward with judgment and blame.

Once the veil was lifted, I was inspired to try again and fight. Yes, I was battling financially, but I was inspired to fight for my Soul because I believed that every heart has got an answer.

The life force inside me kept on pushing me to a journey of discovering who I truly am. I realized that I was more powerful than my financial losses and my past. I possessed the power to change the narrative of my story and live a life of divine love.

Power is not a thing but a way. We have power when we dare to live authentically. Power is the awesome presence of the Devine.

My pain became my passion, helping other human beings to change the narrative of their life’s story and become the creator of the empowerment that you are seeking.

My Mission

At Coaching with Heart, my mission is to empower individuals on their hero’s journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. Through a heart-centered approach, I guide and support my clients in embracing their unique potential, overcoming obstacles, and living a life of purpose and fulfillment.

My Approach

I believe that each individual possesses an inner hero, capable of remarkable growth and transformation.

My coaching process is designed to navigate the stages of the hero’s journey, including the call to adventure, facing challenges, seeking mentors, and integrating the lessons learned.

Through personalized guidance, reflective practices, and actionable strategies, I empower my clients to tap into their inner strength, unleash their potential, and create a life that aligns with their true purpose.

With a compassionate and supportive environment, I inspire my clients to step into their heroic selves, embrace their unique journey, and become the heroes of their own lives.

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